Steps to Successful Business Name Registration in Nigeria

This article is for those people who are keen on enrolling their business in Nigeria under Part B of the Companies and Allied Matters Act. This procedure is known as Business Name Registration. A Registered Business Name is one of the 3 general organization structures which an individual can enroll in Nigeria, the other 2 are incorporated trustees and incorporated organizations.

There are numerous advantages (and inconveniences) to enlisting a business name instead of an incorporated organization. To enroll a business name in Nigeria, coming up next are the means to follow:

Stage 1

Pick and Reserve a Name – The initial step is to choose what name to use to enroll your business, the procedure is done on the web. You will apply to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and recommend two substitute names for your business. The CAC will lead a pursuit in its database to guarantee that the name isn’t as of now being used or there is no comparative name as of now being used. In the event that the CAC supports the name, it will hold the name for you for a 60-day time frame. Amid this period, it is normal that you will finish the enrollment procedure for your business name.

Stage 2

Complete the Business Name Registration Forms – As with stage 1 earlier, this can likewise be finished on the web. The data required to finished the registration are:

  • Endorsed Name of the Business
  • General Nature of the Business
  • Address of the Business
  • Name, Address, Occupation and different subtleties of the Proprietors of the Business
  • The Proprietor(s)’ signature(s)

Stage 3

Paying for the CAC Filing Fees – The paying for the expenses should be possible on the web or can be finished in a bank.

Stage 4

Submitting of Forms – Once the paying processes have been endorsed, you may then present the required documents on the web, the CAC will audit the documentation and in the event that all submitted documents are all together and meet the requirements, the CAC will inform the registrant that the application has been affirmed, and the Business Name Certificate is prepared for distribution to city of collection, where you can then go to pick it up.

The whole procedure ought to be in a perfect world, taking around a week or two depending on meeting all requirement and contingent upon the outstanding task at hand of the CAC at the time.

What Should You Do Next?

On the off chance that you might want us to help you to enlist (have us register) your business name for you, it would be ideal for you to be aware of the expense for this, is =N= 10,000 (Till March 20th 2019), after March, the cost is =N=20,000. On the off chance that you are keen on this administration, without too much trouble, tap on the booking button underneath.

However, you may need any enlightenment before you buy the administration? At that point please send us an email at or Fill our Contact form, and a colleague will be close by to explain any inquiries you may have with respect to the package. We are on Facebook as Aliza Aviv International.

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