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Web Development

Maximum 10 Pages Website with the following menu items: Home, About Us, Services, Contact, and your own. User friendly. SEO and Speed Optimized website.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads setup: Audience research, Ads design, Setup, Monitoring, Optimization and Retargeting. This service is renewable weekly.

Instagram Ads

Customized Instagram Ads setup with well researched audience targeting and Hashtags. Monitoring ads performance, Optimizing and Retargeting target audience. Per Week.

Twitter Ads

Research: Target Audience, Keywords, and Hashtag. Ads setup, performance monitoring, optimization and Retargeting target Audience. This service is charged weekly.

Email Marketing

Send Mails or Email Campaigns to 400 Active Emails per week. Get Replies to your email inbox directly. Get Realtime Statistics of Mail performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Run Search Engine Optimization on your website to get more organic traffic from Google and other Bots search results. This service include Speed Optimization.