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Dropshipping agent - Today we will understand an important topic that can make your dropshipping business even more successful

Launching a successful dropshipping business is sometimes not an easy task. You will need a dropshipping agent. You found a product on AliExpress, but how can you be sure that you get it at the best cost? Will your seller use the fastest and most affordable shipping services? If the product arrives at your customer damaged? Or will it not work at all?

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All these questions are solved by a dropshipping agent.

Dropshipping Agent - The Advantage and Disadvantage

So, let's figure out what are the key advantages when working with a dropshipping agent?

Firstly - Best price:

Since all dropshipping agents communicate directly with representatives of factories, they can offer the most favorable price for the goods and sometimes even better quality than the supplier you are working with at the moment.

Secondly - Faster delivery:

Often, dropshipping agents use services such as : Yangwen Express, YunExpress, CNE Express and 4PX, Which can significantly reduce delivery times with standard AliExpress or E-package.

Thirdly - Unchanged price of goods:

As we already know on AliExpress, the cost of goods can change When working with a dropshipping agent, you agree on a fixed cost of goods, but in case of any changes, he will notify you in advance, so that you can unleash it in your store.

 Fourthly - Analysis of the latest trends in the industry:

Since Dropshipping agents communicate directly with the representative of the factories, they can easily share with you information about new products that have entered the market or that will appear in the near future. Thus, you can get ahead of your competitors or become the first dropship to enter the market with this product.

Fifthly – Branding:

In addition to all the tricks, your dropshipping agent can repurchase your product in the format of your personal brand, which is the key acceptance these days.

Sixthly - Acceptance Warehouse and Storage:

You can buy a small batch of goods that will remain with your dropshipping agent until the moment of implementation.

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Well, are there any disadvantages when working with a dropshipping agent? As in any interaction, there are pluses, but there is a human factor about working with a dropshipping agent. He may ask to place a minimum order quantity. No full automation and of course, your work will be built only on trust.

Despite the possible disadvantages, there are much more benefits.  Believe it, I advise everyone for a successful Dropping business, have your own fulfillment service in the person of a dropshipping agent in China.

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