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Today's on PayPal money, I will show you a very simple trick to do in case your received PayPal money - funds are on hold and you want them to be released immediately, or faster.

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If you are using a business account and your region is not permitted to use family and friends option, sometimes even a personal PayPal account, PayPal will assume the funds you have received is for a business transaction and they will try to hold on to the payment as long as possible until sometimes 21 days, especially, when the send does not have send as “friends and family” option in his or her PayPal account but send as “Goods and Services” option only.

The assumption is within 21 days the goods should have been delivered to the payer and if they haven't been delivered, the payer should have gotten back to them to tell them; “I have not received the goods sent, therefore, refund my PayPal money.”

So, PayPal will hold on to the funds as long as possible for 21 days, or they will release it immediately if the payer confirms receipt of the goods. Now, if the payment is a gift or just a transfer, someone is just paying you for as a gift, a present, or just giving you that PayPal money, PayPal does not know that is a gift. They'll still apply it as a business payment and hold on to the funds.

So, if your funds are held up, always get in touch with the sender to just click on the payment and confirm receipt of the goods or services, even if it's not a payment for goods and services. You'll get your PayPal money out faster.

The first thing you need to do is to ask the sender to log into his or her account. So, this is a screenshot of a reciever's account.

PayPal money

You can walk him through the process, what he has to do. What the sender has to do is go on to their page - their PayPal page and they have to select the payment that they sent to you, the one which is on hold.

Once they select it, it's going to bring them on to the payment page where it's going to show all the details pertaining to the transaction. What they have to do is they have to come all the way down to the part, which says "have you received this order?"

PayPal money

It may be slightly different depending on which country region but all they have to do is come down, click on “confirm reception.”

The payer has to confirm that they have received the transaction, even if they are sending it to you as a gift or present. They have to do this. Once they have done that the status is going to change. It's now going to say you – “confirmed receipt of this order” and it's going to give you the new date for the confirmation.

PayPal money

So, when you log into your account, it will show you the status of the funds. The PayPal money or funds have been cleared and you will see the fund in your balance.

Let me know in the comments, your experience with PayPal, and solutions you know to some common PayPal issues. And don’t forget to share this article; it might help someone out there.

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