Top 10 Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Top 10 Interview Questions

Top 10 Interview Questions you can not afford to ignore. Anyone who’s ever spent time in a job search has probably walked away from at least one interview knowing right away that they botched it. Quite often, people who do feel confident about their last interview know they still could have answered one or two questions much better than they did.

Theproblem behind such scenarios is that too often, job seekers misunderstand or underestimate what they’re being asked during an interview, according to Jack Warner and Clyde Bryan, co-authors of “Inside Secrets of Finding a Teaching Job.” A question such as, “Do you have any more questions for me?” may seem innocent and simple enough to answer, but candidates who give a weak response are usually the ones screened out of consideration for the job.

Job seekers should be aware that every question an interviewer asks is an opportunity to sell themselves as the most outstanding, must-have candidate for the job. In their book, Warner and Bryan identify some of the most popular interview questions, reveal what interviewers really want to know when asking them and offer tips to help job seekers develop a savvy response.

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