Value Proposition | How to Pen Down a Value Proposition Assertion

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In this article, you’re going to learn how to pen down a value proposition assertion. So, you can clearly illustrate the difference that you offer and give your audience a compelling reason to choose your brand.

Now, although most businesses have some kind of legitimate product or service to bring to the market that will give their intended audience some kind of outcome, most businesses never articulate why that audience should choose their brand and that is exactly what the value proposition does.

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So, what is a value proposition? Well it's a sentence or a statement or assertion that is designed to clearly articulate the value that a brand offers to its intended audience. Ultimately, this value that the brand is offering is going to help that audience in some kind of way but the way a brand defines the value that it's offering to its audience will either compel the audience to take action or not.

So, why is the value proposition so important? Well, every business has either a product or service that it's selling to its audience but just because they have a product or service, it doesn't mean that the audience understands why they should buy that particular product or service. Yes the product or service might produce some kind of outcome but potentially every single one of its competitors also produces the same or a similar outcome.

So, this value proposition is about giving your audience that reason to choose your brand and that reason has to be compelling.

How do you go about writing a value proposition? I'm going to give you a very simple three-step process that you can use to write a compelling one for your business.

Step 1:

Clearly define your audience

Now, you need to clearly articulate exactly who you're trying to address. If you're too broad with this, then your audience is not going to relate to it. For instance if you address your audience as small businesses, chances are, those business owners will not identify with that title. They won't identify with the term – small business. If on the other hand you address your audience as health and well-being businesses, that audience will turn their heads, that audience will resonate and identify with that term and they'll know that you are speaking directly to them.

Step 2:

Define what you do

What is it that you do as a business? More specifically, what outcome does your business help your audience achieve? So, for instance, you might be a professional brand builder and you might provide logo design or brand identity design services, or you might provide brand strategy services, but what outcome will your audience get? You want to focus here on the outcome and make that outcome unique to your brand.

So, for instance, you might have an outcome to build lovable brands that is unique to your business. Nobody else is going to have the same outcome as your brand and that outcome is really distinguishable. Don't represent your services as a logo designer. The outcome should be that you are into lovable brands designing.

Step 3:

Find the unique way that you do it

In step 2 above, it’s all about what you do and focusing on that outcome that you're going to help your audience achieve their goal but step 3 is about the unique way that you do it and that focuses on how you are going to do it.

What is that unique experience? Again, using the instance before, if you're building lovable brands, the unique way that you might deliver those lovable brands is through humanized communication and engaging brand personality. So, these are the unique ways that you deliver that lovable brand and this tipped into the reason that your audience would choose you over your competitors.

Now, let's take a look at the value proposition assertion that we're going to use to take this info and put it into writing:

“We help X to Y through Z" or using the instance that we used above:

“We help health and wellness businesses to build lovable brands through humanized messaging and engaging personality”

 The ‘value proposition’ is not a tagline and it's not a mission statement. It's a assertion that clearly articulates the value that the brand is offering and it acts as an internal statement as much as an external statement and this leads to the development of the messaging strategy for the brand.

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