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Clickbank University and Builder - I'm going to be covering Clickbank University 2.0 and Clickbank builder. You may want to ask, “What is click bank?”

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You have probably seen online a lot of people are talking about using Clickbank to grow their affiliate business and I have to agree that especially for people who are beginners, the Clickbank marketplace is one of the easiest places to get started. So, what I'm going to be doing today is to walk you through the Clickbank University, Clickbank builder and how to actually link up your promotion with your landing page builder.

Let's get started! As a beginner there are a number of problems. When you first start with affiliate marketing you might be a little overwhelmed. It seemed like everywhere you turn, there is new information to learn, like hosting, copywriting and whether or not to do direct linking, squeeze pages or landing pages.

It’ll seemed like there is just a lot of stuff that required a lot of technical know-how, which you ‘re kind of overwhelmed by and also the cost of different tools is just like... whoa, this is turning out to be more than what you anticipated.

 In today's article, what I'm going to be showing you, is some of the benefits of Clickbank University and how you can end out saving money over some of the other tools out there. Clickbank University is a great place for new affiliates to get started. I think the reason for that is because it is so easy to get authorized to promote products.

Now, there are some other affiliate marketplaces like: warrior plus or jvzoo where you can find other affiliate products but typically you need to apply to get authorization to promote and sometimes that can take a while. With Clickbank all you do is go over there and create your account it just takes an email and setting up a password and you're good to go.

 What's the next step? Well, if you are new to affiliate marketing, there are some things that you need to know. The Clickbank University was made to go hand-in-hand with the Clickbank marketplace. It is an awesome program for people who are just getting started in affiliate marketing. They have got everything broken down into easy-to-follow modules.

For instance, setting things up, promotions and things like that. So you've got your videos – “Getting started.” The vendor section is, if you decide that you want to create your own product or you have a product that you want to promote. If you're a vendor this will walk you through the process. If you don't know what you want to promote, this will walk you through finding your perfect product and getting your content created as well as how to write sales copy and split testing and all of those kind of things.

For me, I wasn't really interested in that section. I wanted to learn how to be an effective affiliate marketer and so, the section on affiliates is all about affiliate marketing. They cover topics like, what is affiliate marketing, and understanding how it works along with finding a niche or sub-niche that really resonates with you.

If you're going to be putting out a lot of content, you really want to find something that is a good match for you and what you're interested in. You're going to be spending time on it and also do what the type of people that you want to surround yourself with. So, there's a huge selection of training - “Writing the perfect swipe”, “how to over-deliver”, “how to do your funnel scaling”, and “expanding and then running different affiliate promotions.”

Now, the other thing with Clickbank University that I was really impressed with, is that a portion of the membership is donated to pencils of promise which is a nonprofit for educating kids around the world. I thought that was really awesome that they're giving back to the community. So, you've picked one of these two sections, you've gone through them. You've got your affiliate offer or you've created your offer, or you're an affiliate for an offer.

The next thing is how you get people to your offer. They've got a whole section there on traffic. In the traffic section you get a full training on Facebook ads and you get paid search ads, Instagram shoutouts, and how to set up simple YouTube ads. So, there's a quite a bit of information there on how to get traffic to your promotions.

Then, there is the whole Q&A section. This is the Q&A and they have continued to upgrade and provide new information. They're always providing new information answering questions that their members have. They've been around for a lot of years and these guys really know what they're talking about. If you have any questions going through, then registering for the Q&A and getting on and having your questions answered is so valuable.

The Clickbank University is something that is highly recommend! After you've gone through the traffic, there's the toolkit section, which talks about what kind of tools you might need. As you start building up your income then you know certainly investing in an autoresponder or a custom domain name. They've got all of these videos there that talk about different tools and how to improve your skills in affiliate marketing. So, that is Clickbank University 2.0!

The quality of the education is superb. Adam Horowitz and Justin Atlan. They're seven-figure earners and they're the two that do the majority of the training there in this program. They have been with Clickbank and they're very successful with Clickbank. The training that they have provided is an excellent match if you are going to be doing promotion of Clickbank products and if you are new to affiliate marketing.

I think this training can really get you started off on the right step. So let's get into Clickbank builder. In Clickbank Builder, they've got product funnels and opt-in pages as well as training case study videos. If you want to learn how to set something up, you can go to the training center there. All these videos on how to edit, setting up your pages, custom domains, and all that kind of stuff.

Direct linking I talked about the difference between direct linking and putting in an opt-in page to collect email addresses and which one is most effective. There's training on traffic, because a lot of people don't know where or how to do traffic once they get their affiliate link. I think this is the number one issue for affiliate marketers. I think if you were to do a little survey what do you want more information on or what do you need help with it's always like traffic and converting the traffic to sales are the two main ones.

The builder is easy to modify. It does not require a lot of technical know-how and the last thing I'm going to be covering here is the cost of the tools. Here are the benefits we already discussed. You know that there's no hosting, it's drag-and-drop, it integrates easily with your autoresponder there's lots of tutorials. It's made to go with the Clickbank products so it's just integrated nicely with them and you can develop your own affiliate sites with this program.

The last part that I have not covered is the cost. So, let's go to Clickbank University is $47 per month and then the Clickbank builder is $547 and this is a one-time fee. You can split that out into two separate payments if you need to. So, both of those equal over a period of 12 months is equals $1158. So, the other big landing page software builder that a lot of people are familiar with is called Clickfunnels and with Click funnels the lowest or basic membership is $97 per month and so over the period of 12 months this turns out to be $1164.

You might look at that and you might say well you know that's not that much difference. You know why would I want to change and where this really makes a difference is in year number two. Say you've kept going and you're still working on your affiliate marketing business, this is where the biggest difference is. So, at forty seven dollars a month with Clickbank University, if you still need it, that it is going to come out to be $564/year. If you look at Clickfunnels, that amount has not changed any day and so, for the second year you are still paying $1164.

This is where the biggest difference happens. You are saving a significant amount of money with Clickbank University and like I said the Clickbank builder is a one-time fee so you do not have to pay that every year and you would only need this for maintaining. If you wanted additional training or whatever but click funnels is $97 per month after month, year after year. So, it doesn't matter. You're still going to keep (unless they start raising their prices) paying at least $1164 for every single year, which can really add up if you are new to affiliate marketing.

I want you to keep that in mind. Now, the other big difference between these two is with the Clickbank the number of funnels you can have is unlimited. Unlimited funnels and landing pages so I think that's awesome the downside is with Clickfunnels you get 20 funnels and 100 pages – except they have change that, who knows, do you?

I would say for someone who is just starting out that they can be kind of expensive and also some of the technical it requires just a little bit more technical knowledge in terms of getting things integrated and editing and things like that. So, as a beginner, I think that the Clickbank builder is an awesome way to start and like I say, you can do unlimited funnels and landing pages and in terms of cost it's going to end out saving you quite a bit of money down the road.

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I hope you have found this information to be helpful and are going to help you make a decision as to whether or not this is a good match for you.  Don’t forget to share this article and drop the comments below in the comment box.

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