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  • On: 13th Nov 2021
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Web developer jobs: You can make money online creating websites. But you'll need to know how, and be willing to work hard in order to make it happen.

The number one mistake I see people make when they first try to make money creating websites, is they don't take advantage of affiliate marketing.

Starting Your Web Developer Jobs Technically

Take Affiliate marketing Advertage

Make use of referrals to build your customers' base. When a customer refers a friend to a certain service you offer, you give a cut of the sale, say; 10% of the total amount paid by the customer.

This is a great turn around for a new customer. You can also get a cut of a sale when you promote a product to a blog. Promoting on your blog is a great way to develop new customers.

Develop sharable links and banners for your affiliates to share on the social media and blog.

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Creating websites as a freelancer in Fiverr

You can register with fiverr.com to create website for people and make money online. You can start charging $5 and work up to $20 and more as you understand the marketplace, its buyers and its competitiveness.

You just have to take on at least one task a day and complete it within the deadline.

You can also work online as freelancer in upwork

Upwork is another good platform to get cleints  that you can design websites for and get paid. You can get paid right away, and it is an international website.

When you sign up for upwork, you must show people how many projects you have worked on or you can do.
Have your own website.

This is a very good option. having your own website will give you the leverage to sample your services and web developer jobs portfolio on your website and promote it to social media, search engines and forums to get leads.

You can also get data to optimize your website. Promote yourself out there. Don’t be shy. get out of your emotional closet and get to work. Networking is a really good move because you can get leads and co- people working for YOU, instead of YOU working for them.  

How to network? join facebook, join communities on fb, join twitter, join communities on twitter, join linkedin, and join communities on linkedin. You can also do same for other social platforms.

More Leads, more money for You web developer jobs

All these networks will drive leads to your website development services and when the leads are converted to clients, you make money online creating website for them.

You can also introduce other websites related services you are into to your clients or supply the clients with your additional web developer jobs to earn more money working for them online.

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So, now you have been following along this post -web developer jobs - how to make money online creating website right?

Now, is the time to jump into action and get started as a freelancer creating websites for people online and make money.

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